build a better custom home

a completely integrated design, pricing, and construction process yields clearer results and a more streamlined experience.  building a custom home should not have to take over your life.

Our in-house design team can start with one of our existing layouts, or start from scratch with your inspiration and goals.  We work through the process from the beginning, with a construction mindset from day one.  This allows us to design functionally, and tailored to your goals, budget, and specifications.

1. Ideas (About 2 weeks)

No money upfront and a relaxed process to make sure we can understand your goals, see the quality you can expect with our homes firsthand, and sketch some initial concepts.

2. Design and pricing estimates (About 2 months)

We will develop a complete design, color renderings, construction drawings, and more to make sure the right plan is in place for your new home.

3. Formal guaranteed pricing (About 3 weeks)

We always design with your target pricing in mind, and at this stage we will take our estimates and lock-in pricing with our trade partners, taking the guesswork out of the construction process and removing your worry about costs changing after you get started building your new home.

4. Financing and construction

We are glad to discuss financing options individually, as everyone’s goals are a bit different.  We are happy to work with your own financing preferences, and have great non-biased partners that are happy to help if you are looking for a place to start.

When it comes time for building, we have a deep understanding of your goals and expectations, and you don’t have to worry about re-explaining everything from square one, hoping that all of the details were covered.  We develop and coordinate the construction of your new home from start to finish, making sure that we handle the legwork, and that you can follow along with our streamlined, efficient process.   We spell everything out in a clear and transparent fashion, then join you with our innovative “Staged Selections” process to build your new home.

5. Move in and enjoy

We will activate your 10-year warranty, answer all of your questions, and set you up for success by showing you how everything works in your new home.

We will stay in touch with our service checkpoints, making sure that you are covered and getting settled in. Welcome home!

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