Building a custom home comes with a lot of important decision making and selection options.

While some home additions and installations are easier to complete after your home is finished, there are simple choices you can make during construction that will save you money in the long run, improve the overall look and functionality of your home, and provide you with a higher return on investment.

After years of experience building and becoming the downtown Indianapolis home expert, here are ten things that are a MUST for your custom home:

  1. Lighting

You can never have too much light!

From the natural light your windows provide to the lighting your builder installs, it’s important to make sure you have enough of it. Every H•E Home has lighting incorporated into spaces that need it the most, and we always opt for stylish light fixtures that will make homes feel more luxurious without breaking the bank.

  1. Basement

You might not need basement space now, but it could be useful later. Adding extra height to your basement during construction will make it easier to convert an unfinished space into a finished one. If you opt for an unfinished basement, be sure to rough in plumbing for a full or half bath in case you decide to finish it later.

Several of our Quick Start Designs include basement options that provide extra bedroom and living space, as well as ample room for relaxing and entertaining.

  1. Storage

Just like lighting, you won’t notice a lack of storage space until you need it. Built-in cabinets and desks, pull-out drawers and trash bins, even media units, will improve the overall functionality of your home and make your space feel more cohesive. When we help our clients design custom homes, we make sure to carefully plan out each room, make space for built-in features and incorporate easy, efficient storage details throughout your home. Not only does built-in storage will also make your home feel bigger, cleaner and more airy, it offers an inviting feeling for guests too.

  1. Flooring

Simple floor upgrades can make your home look more expensive and increase its resale value, and they don’t have to be expensive. Once most of the construction foot traffic is out of the way during a custom home build, we install carpeting and flooring materials that are stylish and affordable. Options like laminate wood, ceramic tile and carpet padding will make your custom H•E Home home look, and feel, luxurious.

  1. Molding & Trim

The smallest details can make the biggest difference. Our team prides itself in giving you plenty of direction and options to choose from when selecting stylish features like molding and trim.

Crown molding is a home feature that is often overlooked, especially on second floors, but the upgrade will make your home look more put together. Crown molding is highly customizable, so you can choose designs and styles that fit your personal aesthetic and create a look that makes your ceiling feel higher and your home seem bigger.

  1. Mudroom

Reserving space for a mudroom will make your home feel more put together. Mudrooms organize the entry and exit from your home, keep everyone’s random items organized, and prevent mess from traveling to other parts of your home. Mudrooms can also help save energy by slowing down the escape of heating and cooling when moving from inside to outside.

  1. Kitchen Cabinetry

As the heart of your home, investing in better kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen feel more expensive and luxurious while providing you with even more storage space. At H•E Homes, our patented homeowner portal allows you to choose fun interior features like kitchen cabinets and design them exactly how you want so you can have a kitchen that feels put together. We make sure to design our homes with taller cabinets that hav