Mistakes to avoid when designing and building your new custom home

We talk a lot about the process we've developed here at H•E Homes. With almost a decade of experience designing and building brand-new custom homes in downtown Indianapolis, we’ve helped Hoosier homeowners realize their dreams with insight and guidance gained from countless successful projects and lessons that we have learned along the way.In case you haven’t heard by now, our company is built around a process designed to be [...]

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Transparently talking tariffs, saving you from surprises

You’ve probably heard plenty of discussion lately from politicians, news sources and others about the country’s ongoing trade wars, international tariffs and their impact on the cost of your new home. Prices on everything from lumber, steel and aluminum to granite countertops, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, light fixtures and many more necessities of home construction have already started to rise and are projected to climb higher. The National [...]

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Building a better custom home process

We founded H•E Homes on the simple belief that the custom homebuilding experience for your downtown Indianapolis dream home should be fun, streamlined and designed to keep your life as easy as possible. Our process is intended to be a compelling experience from day one — easy, efficient and enjoyable as we deliver a one-of-a-kind home that’s a reflection of your family and customizable for your lifestyle. Whether you [...]

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Finding the “best fit” homebuilder for you

What are you looking for when building your next home in Indianapolis? As the structure in which you’ll spend most of your time, make memories and share special moments with friends and loved ones, the importance of your home’s character, design, flow and feel can’t be understated. Choosing a builder is a big deal. Your experience will be about more than just a transaction and the final finished product [...]

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What are the Benefits of Custom Home Building?

When you’re on the hunt for a new house, it’s almost impossible to find exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe the layout is confusing or there isn’t enough natural light. And to add, going from home to home to only be disappointed is exhausting! It’s time to enjoy the convenience of a custom home. Building your own home is a process that has a reputation. There are a lot [...]

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