You’ve probably heard plenty of discussion lately from politicians, news sources and others about the country’s ongoing trade wars, international tariffs and their impact on the cost of your new home.

Prices on everything from lumber, steel and aluminum to granite countertops, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, light fixtures and many more necessities of home construction have already started to rise and are projected to climb higher.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) called it a move that harms housing affordability, with the tariffs representing an additional and unnecessary $2.5 billion tax on residential construction builders and consumers. At June’s NAHB 2019 Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., nearly 700 builders urged lawmakers to call on the administration to end tariffs needlessly raising housing costs, but new tariffs on additional Chinese-made products have already been imposed since then and could be increased further before trade treaties and resolutions are reached. Free-trade advocacy group Tariffs Hurt the Heartland reported that, even before May’s escalation, American consumers had already footed the bill for nearly $22 billion due to the country’s tariffs.

As your agent, representative and guide through an ever-changing landscape, we feel it’s our responsibility to keep your experience as easy as possible to understand so you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.

Right now just might be the best time to act.

Every discussion a prospective homeowner has with H•E Homes will be as transparent as this one. Unfortunately for us all, there are issues at play out of our control — and they may ultimately affect the price tag of a finished home, however we’re committed to delivering the look, quality and craftsmanship you desire in your new home. We’re being proactive and have processes already in place to deal with any changes — they aren’t an afterthought or something we’re just taking in stride without discussing openly with you.

We’re doing everything we can, with creative design solutions and holding our current pricing locked in place for as long as we can to prevent any hidden surprises along the way.

Between the Federal Reserve’s recent interest rate cut, our large collection of available homesites and our strategic and streamlined construction methods, Indianapolis is still a market full of outstanding opportunities for homeowners.

We would be glad to walk you through our strategies and show you some unique solutions H•E Homes is utilizing to minimize the effects of international trade tariffs on your custom home.

We’re downtown Indianapolis housing experts and we’re available to answer any questions you may have on tariffs, our designs or the world of opportunities available through our easy, efficient and enjoyable homebuilding process. Get in touch today and let’s start working toward that right decision for you.