things to consider floor plan
The custom home building process is an exciting experience that should be easy, efficient and enjoyable for every homeowner from day one. At H•E Homes, we know that selecting the floor plan and features for your dream home can feel like an overwhelming task, which is why everything we do is designed to keep the experience fun, streamlined and free of small issues and mistakes that can become big problems or stressors down the road. With almost a decade of experience creating custom home floor plans for families who want to live in downtown Indianapolis, we know what needs to be considered when working with architectural designers to crate your custom home floor plan.
  1. How much home you need now vs. in the future
One of the first things you should do is ask yourself if your custom home is going to be a five-year home or a forever home. Your needs will change over the years, so effective spatial planning and creating a flexible floor plan will ensure every area of your home is useful and serves a dedicated purpose — even as your family dynamic changes. For example, you may not need an extra bedroom right now, but we can create a functional office space that could be converted into a bedroom later on. It’s much easier to incorporate big spaces into a floor plan from the start versus adding an addition down the road. From expanding your family, to wanting to host all the relatives for the holidays, consider all your possibilities before choosing your floor plan!
  1. The size of your lot.
You can’t build an expansive mansion on a tiny downtown lot, which is why you need to have your custom home lot picked out before diving into your house floor plan. At H•E Homes, we have over 20 available homesites scattered throughout some of downtown Indy’s most desirable neighborhoods and would love to help you find your perfect match. Once you have a lot chosen, your custom home floor plan should be appropriate for the dimensions of your available space and compliments the surrounding houses.
  1. The land features on your lot.
Once you’ve selected a lot, you should evaluate the topography and layout of your homesite. Are you on a busy street or tucked away behind plenty of trees? Is there is a key area of your lot where the sun hits? If so, it might be a great place for a large picture windows. Our team at H•E Homes will work with you to evaluate your homesite and design a luxury home floor plan that perfectly suits the property.
  1. Your must-haves.
Before selecting any design for your home, make sure you know what your essentials are. Can’t live without a large master suite? Need a large room for entertaining? It’s your custom home — make sure you’re getting it! Knowing ahead of time what is vital and what isn’t that big of a deal will make the selection process much smoother.
  1. Home layouts that stick out to you.
Think about all the homes you’ve been in that you have liked. What was it about the home that drew you in? Was it the open concept of the main floor? The layout of the bedrooms? Spend some time visiting homes other homes for sale in Indianapolis and take note of what interests you. These aspects can help guide the design of your own custom home.If you’re ready to take the next step and bring your custom home building plans to life, give H•E Homes a call! With years of experience building downtown dream homes for families in Indianapolis, we would be honored to help you bring your vision to life so you can enjoy everything the city has to offer.We make floor plan design and selection easy by offering two different project types: quick-start designs and custom designs. Our quick-start designs make the homebuilding process a little more efficient by giving you the opportunity to choose from several of our tested and proven designs, and then tweak them to your exact liking. If you want to start fully from scratch, we have a team of experienced architectural designers who can help you develop a guaranteed one-of-a-kind design to your exact standards.At H•E Homes, we understand the value that comes with the experience of building a custom home. As downtown Indy experts, we have built a reputation for delivering a better home building experience that’s streamlined and fun. From large family homes to niche home communities, our team has done it all! When you entrust your floor plan and custom home vision to us, our group of dedicated professionals will guide you through the process and deliver an amazing result. Join us and embrace downtown living in a home you’ll love not only the first day you turn your key, but every day after.