The new home construction process is an exciting time for families looking forward to seeing their custom design jump off the page and become a reality.

At H•E Homes, our streamlined and guided process is designed to make the entire experience easy, efficient and enjoyable for your family. From the beginning, we’ve worked to improve both the home design and construction, rethinking your experience in a more efficient way that benefits both builders and homeowners alike.

Our process lets us promise every H•E Homes homeowner a six-month construction guarantee never changing your move-in date from the first day we break ground.

That groundbreaking is all part of the first step of the custom homebuilding construction process. When you work with H•E Homes, here’s what you can expect each step along the way:

A strong foundation We have a fantastic selection of available homesites, with most already fully prepped and ready for construction as soon as agreements are signed. Like our relationships with each homeowner, every H•E Homes project starts with a strong foundation.

As almost every H•E Homes design includes a basement, our foundations begin by digging out your homesite for reinforced walls, drainage and waterproofing. Once the concrete cures and the first of many inspections is complete, it’s on to…

Framing Often the biggest exciting benchmark in the custom homebuilding process, this is when you’ll begin to see your new home actually take shape. It won’t look like a finished product just yet, however the assembled structure becomes a visual skeleton to start giving you a sense of how your home will look in three dimensions.

We will then get started making that structure a home by installing windows, siding and roofing — letting it all start to look like an actual house!

Mechanical systems It’s time to start filling the interior of your home with the systems that will actually make it livable — think sewer lines and plumbing pipes, HVAC equipment and airducts, electrical wiring and spaces for future fixtures and light switches.

Insulation and drywall With the pipes, wiring and internal functionality of your home in place, it’s time to fill in those walls with our unique high-performance insulation followed by drywall — another major milestone of any homebuilding project. We only use insulation with high “R-value” and air resistance thermal performance indicators to ensure your new home is as energy efficient as possible throughout the seasonal changes.

Finishing interior touches Now is when the new home you have been waiting for really comes together. Interior priming and painting, doors, baseboards, your custom kitchen’s counters, cabinets and appliances, bathroom tile, showers and vanities — all the fun choices you’ve made through our patented homeowner portal, here’s where they start becoming reality!

Final flooring and fixtures With most of the foot traffic out of the way, we’ll install all of your carpeting and flooring materials as well as final finishing touches like light fixtures, sinks, shower doors, mirrors and faucets.

Curb appeal We haven’t forgotten about the exterior of your brand-new home! Now that all the heavy construction equipment and most of the delivery trucks have finished preparing your homesite, we’ll get your driveway installed as well as walkways, patios, landscaping, drainage and other exterior living spaces.

Welcome home! We’ll take you on a final walkthrough to guide you through each and every feature of your new custom home — but it certainly won’t be the last time you see or hear from us! We’ll schedule visits after 90 days and on your home’s first birthday to do a check-up of all the mechanicals, materials and anything else that might need touching up — and we’re only a phone call away anytime you need us! You’ll also receive an included 10-year home warranty through our partners at Professional Warranty Service Corporation, with no deductible and easy-to-understand language so you can rest assured your new home is protected from the first day you turn the key.

Building a brand-new home might sound like a lot, but we get all your construction done in just six months so you can look forward to a lifetime of memories. Let’s connect and get started on your custom home’s layout and design today, then we’ll put our processes in place so you can enjoy an easy, efficient and enjoyable construction experience.